Exterior Remodeling Denton

exterior remodeling denton

Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling can be completed for practical and aesthetic purposes and is more important than many people realize. Your home’s exterior is the first glimpse of your home that people see. This means that a little remodeling goes a long way.

Exterior remodeling covers a lot of ground, including:

  • Exterior design

  • Exterior restoration

  • Roof replacement

  • Window replacement

  • Siding replacement

  • Remodeling related to insulation and energy efficiency

At McEntire Construction Services, we take pride in our ability to bring virtually any vision for your home’s exterior to life. 

Exterior Design

If you need exterior remodeling contractors to assist you with your home’s exterior design, you’ve come to the right place. When you partner with us, you can say goodbye to the guesswork. Our team will listen to your ideas, evaluate the specifics, and get straight to work on increasing your home’s curb appeal.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is more than adding a little flair to the exterior of your home. Curb appeal is usually a combination of exterior remodeling and landscaping designed to make your home more visually appealing while also increasing its value. 

When you contract with McEntire Construction Services, our team will consult with you and tour your space to determine how to implement new designs.

Common exterior design projects that can enhance your home’s curb appeal include:

  • New paint on your home’s exterior

  • New doors to keep up with design trends

  • Siding replacement

  • Patio installation

  • Fire pit installation

  • Exterior lighting

  • Deck installation

The experts on our team will be glad to look at your ideas and give you the best possible recommendations on how to formulate a plan of action.

Exterior Restoration

If you already love the look of your home but think it needs a little more life, exterior restoration might be the way to go. This is where current designs are restored to their original brilliance rather than remodeled.

There are a few benefits that come with exterior restoration, including:

  • A straightforward process with relatively little guesswork

  • Familiarity with the same materials you have been using for upkeep

  • Economic savings

  • The pleasure of revitalizing an heirloom

Depending on your goals, you might want to have us complete some restoration alongside remodeling.

Roof Replacement and Roof Repair

Roof replacement is a great way to breathe some new life into your home. It can also help you save on energy costs and make the colder months more bearable.

Even if you don’t want to replace your roof outright, you should consider repairs if your current roof exhibits any of the following problems:

  • Broken shingles

  • Missing shingles

  • Excess mold or moss on the shingles

  • Curled and tearing shingles

  • Shingles without granules

  • Rotted sheeting

  • Leaks in the roof

It’s important to replace your roof whenever you notice a serious issue. Waiting too long can end up costing you even more money. This means that even relatively minor issues are worth investigating, just in case they conceal a much larger problem. 

The experts at McEntire Construction Services will be happy to assist you with any roofing replacement questions you may have.

Window Replacement

Much like roof replacement, window replacement can help you save on energy costs while simultaneously beautifying your home or commercial property.

Window replacement can help with:

  • Eliminating fog between window panes

  • Stopping drafts from insufficient windows

  • Ensuring proper opening and closing

  • Giving you a better view

  • Cutting down on energy costs

In addition, you can replace or remodel windows to boost your property’s curb appeal.

Siding Replacement

Siding is an area of the home that often goes neglected. Whether yours is beginning to fade, crack, or exhibit some other signs of disrepair, our team is more than ready to help fix the problem.

Some common signs that you need to replace or remodel siding include:

  • The current siding is cracked or warped

  • There is fungus growing on the siding

  • The siding is fading

  • The siding is blistering

  • The paint inside your property is peeling

If you notice any of these issues, make sure to contact McEntire Construction Services. We will work tirelessly to provide a resolution and promptly address your concerns.

McEntire Construction Services: Exterior Remodeling Done Right

If you’re looking for a trusted, reliable contractor for your exterior home remodel, our team at McEntire Construction Services is ready to help. Whether you’re looking to remodel windows or siding, or you need a contractor for roof repair, the experts on our team have the knowledge and skills to make your exterior remodeling dream a reality.

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