The Process


Initial Meeting

A convenient time will be scheduled to meet and discuss your remodel/renovation project on site at the property. We will take measurements, show samples, and collect everything we need to understand your vision of the project.



An estimate will be put together for customer approval. The estimate may go through a few rounds of revision based on price, options, etc. During this phase we will add or remove project components to better fit your budget.



After a final estimate has been decided on, a contract will be drawn up and signed by both parties. The first payment will be collected with the signing of the contract. Most projects are broken down into 3 payments (more if the project is commercial or has special considerations).



Construction will start after all architectural plans are complete. Smaller projects may not require plans. The construction process usually consists of three major parts: DEMO, RECONSTRUCTION, FINAL WALK THROUGH.


All old sections and areas to be remodeled will be prepped for construction. This may include demo work, earth work, prepping a site, and/or removing furniture. During this stage we will take as many precautionary steps as needed to protect the rest of the area from dust and debris, i.e. temporary barriers, painters plastic, floor coverings.


Construction will consist of multiple workers on site, each completing a different aspect. Certain projects require multiple trades, and we will schedule your project on as tight a schedule as possible. We work with you to make sure everything from construction hours to the project schedule to the logistics of how we enter and exit the property is clearly defined BEFORE we begin work.

Midway through the construction phase, the second payment will be collected.

Any issues we encounter during this phase are communicated immediately with the client. This can be anything from the discovery of mold to internal structural damage to the home. Any changes needed to the original contract and invoice are approved by the client as they come up during the build phase.

Final Walkthrough

At the end of the project, the customer and a McEntire Construction Services LLC team member will do a thorough inspection of the project to make sure all tasks have been completed.

During this time a “punch list” will be made with any small items that need to be completed. After completion of punch list, the final payment will be collected.


Enjoy your new remodeled construction!

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