Patio Contractors in Denton, TX

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When your home in Denton, TX, was originally constructed, not much thought may have been given to its potential outdoor entertainment space. Whether you want to extend an existing patio or build a deck from scratch, McEntire Construction is available to help. Our patio builders will work with you to design your ideal deck, outdoor living room, or patio kitchen. 

Concrete Patios

Living in a suburb that’s just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you might look at your home as an escape from long commutes and stressful work days and only want something simple from your patio builders because of that. A simple poured concrete surface is sufficient enough to provide a quick and cheap outdoor entertainment area. 

Once McEntire Construction Services pours your concrete patio, you can add outdoor furniture, plants, and a grill to complete the design, and when you’re not using the patio for entertainment, it can double as a walkway that branches out to your garage, driveway, and back door.

Stamped Concrete

Keep the simple design while adding style to your Denton, TX, home by asking your patio contractors to install a stamped concrete surface. You can choose from a basic design that resembles stone or slate or select from a variety of colors, textures, and designs. 

Patio remodeling doesn’t have to be boring when you have so many diverse options available to you. Try mixing stamped concrete with artificial turf to add more color to your patio design. You can add furnishings, a grill, and other features once the surface is complete.

Outdoor Living Rooms

A budding trend that many Denton, TX, homeowners are embracing is the outdoor living room, which provides an opportunity to take advantage of the great weather that’s common in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Typically, an outdoor living room will have an entertainment center that includes a television, sound system, and video game console.

McEntire Construction Services has experience in wiring outdoor patio additions to include these features in addition to installing the lighting you choose. Once we finish the basic design, you can add outdoor furniture, plants, and decor to complete the design according to your style and tastes.

1200 Square Foot Patio Extension

Pool Decks

In many cases, planning outdoor patio additions involves building a pool deck. In fact, many Denton, TX homes already make use of concrete decks to encompass their swimming pools. A deck can make for an additional entertaining area, but it also serves a practical purpose by providing storage space for pool equipment and machinery.

Over time, however, it may require extensive repairs, or you might want to extend it to create a bigger outdoor living space. McEntire Construction Services can help you design a larger deck that includes space for changing rooms, showers, and even a picnic area on your extended deck.

Patio Kitchens

As experienced outdoor kitchen builders, we can install a full outdoor kitchen for you, including a station that includes a sink, dishwasher, and range. We can incorporate a grill and a pizza oven, as well, and an entirely separate prep station can go into your outdoor kitchen to create a larger workspace for preparing meals.

We can also install planters in your outdoor kitchen or adjacent to the area that you can use to grow fruit, vegetables, or herbs, giving you the opportunity to include more fresh foods in your meals. A lattice design covering your outdoor kitchen can provide shade while still giving you enough sunlight for cooking and for growing your garden.


Divided Patios

McEntire Construction Services can help you create a design that maximizes the use of the available space in your yard, and even if you have limited space, installing dividing walls on your patio can make your entertainment area seem bigger. You can create a separate area for your kids or pets and have the separating walls serve as sound barriers.

As skilled patio contractors, we’ll also help you install wall planters, lighting, and other features on your patio walls and surround your patio with retaining walls if you want to install planters or create a more immersive design. Staggering the dividing walls will help you enhance the design of your outdoor entertaining area, further enhancing the illusion of even more space.

We’ll Build an Outdoor Entertaining Area of Any Size

If you and your family love spending time outdoors, McEntire Construction Services can help you create the ideal environment. From a basic stone design to a deck that incorporates a grill, hot tub, or entertainment center, we’ll help you design a patio that you’ll enjoy using. To discuss your ideas for your exterior renovations, contact us today!