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Flood Restoration – Krum

The hot water heater burst and flooded the entire house. When the client called McEntire, they needed assistance with the insurance claim. Water had gotten under the tile and was starting to mold. We were able to remove the old tile, remediate the mold, and install new flooring. Through our work with the insurance to cover the cost of the new floors, the client was able to also remodel the wall design and baseboards. Water damage is a nightmare, but some restoration projects end up being great opportunities remodel work. Insurance only covers the cost to repair the damage, but adding to these projects during the restoration work often times ends up cheaper (the demolition phase is covered by the insurance, the upgrade cost of the floor is minor, new baseboard upgrades are a fraction of the price, etc.) than running a remodel project 100% out-of-pocket.

At McEntire Construction, we can help you through all aspects of damage restoration, from inspections to mold remediation to insurance negotiation to remodel project additions.