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Water Damage – Grapevine

A hot water line under the slab ruptured, causing this client’s house to flood. After tunneling under the house to get to the broken pipe, we had a moving company move all furniture out of the house and we began floor demolition. The client’s insurance company refused to compensate the client for the type of wood flooring that had been damaged, so McEntire sent a piece of the floor off to a lab for verification of quality and material. We presented the lab report to the insurance company, and they covered the cost to replace the flooring with the same quality material, as well as the cost to displace the furniture during install.

When you let us negotiate your insurance experience, we make sure to fight for your right to full compensation. Our team of experts can help spot errors, inconsistencies, and deficits on your insurance claims. This is especially important when dealing with large property damage/loss claims.